Worlds 10 Most Unusual Hotels


1. About the lighthouse

Worlds 10 Most Unusual Hotels Do you like seafood? Then try sleeping in the lighthouse.

There are dozens of lanterns around the world that welcome guests at night, but at the Brown Point Lighthouse in Tacoma, Washington, you become the custodian of the lighthouse.

This 30-foot-tall concrete building is located in Commandment Bay and (right) allows overnight accommodation for newly rehabilitated residents. Visitors participate in the Keeper Program, where they place a lighthouse and tour the community. The project is designed for a minimum of two people and a maximum of six, making it a great educational experience for families. Prices range from $ 500- $ 700 per week. 253-927-2536,

2. Climb a tree

If in the past day’s children seem to be sitting on tree climbing days, skip the holidays and force them out.

The Cedar Creek Treehouse is a private mountain in Mount Rainier Forest, about 50 feet high in a 200-year-old red cedar tree.

Owner Bill Camper built the log cabin, which was large enough to accommodate five people.

Bathroom, kitchen, and dining area, not to mention the sky and there is a 100-meter high viewing area that offers beautiful views all around.

Although it is a safe climb, children under the age of 10 are not allowed to enter the treehouse. Prices are $ 250 for two people and $ 25 for each extra guest. 360-569-2991,

3. They all travel on the love train

Why not set aside some time to relax on the train at night, to enjoy the romantic days of train travel? The Northern Rail Train Car B&B in Two Harbors, Minnesota is designed with 18 guest rooms connected by rail cars.

The Porter Suite accommodates two people and includes meals and a private bath for $ 109- $ 139.

Situated on 160 acres of forest land (approximately 25 minutes outside Duluth) you have access to outdoor activities such as hiking and golf along with Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls. 877-834-0955;

4. Did you grow up in a stable?

Located in Puget Sound, the boat ride from Seattle is a small space designed for two. The Big Red Born Gateway was originally built in the 1890s and converted into a small inn.

You will be surrounded by nature for miles (and you may even spot a bald eagle). Port Townsend’s historic Victorian Harbor is a 10-minute walk and Fort Warden State Park is just two minutes away with beautiful beaches and mountain trails. 360-301-1271,

5. What about the Yurt?

Have you ever slept in the yard? Do you even know what a yurt is?

These round, canvas houses were built 2,000 years ago by Mongolian nomadic species; It is a simple structure that is firmly on the ground and can hold several people at once.

The Terrebonne Resort in Big Sur, California is 16 yards along a river in the Pacific Ocean, each for a family of four. You will have the best beach viewing room in town. Prices range from $ 170- $ 270 for two to four people, including waffle breakfast. 877-424-4787,

6. Hit the cave

You may not know that there are many underground hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey (not far from Ankara in central Turkey), but the most famous is the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Byzantine, which was renovated over a thousand years ago. The return of the monks There are 18 spacious rooms, some of which are monasteries, carved into a cave or carved in volcanic rock.

Don’t worry, the water is running out. Room costs range from $ 110 per double room to about $ 500 per deluxe suite.

7. Dig dig

The Australian Outback is full of dazzling quarries and boats, so head to the Desert Cave Hotel between the Coober Pedy Sandstone Peaks and experience it for yourself.

For those who prefer not to sit in Troglodyte, the hotel has 19 basements and about 30 ground rooms. There are also underground casinos, locally operated opals and international arts and crafts. Rooms cost $ 150 a night, without meals or visiting caves.

8. Gold in the pipe Worlds 10 Most Unusual Hotels

If you’ve ever been proud to have slept in a sewer pipe, check out the Daspark Hotel in Lintz, Austria, which has three concrete pipes in the middle of the park.

Inside each house is a two-person youth room, two beds, a lamp, a small storage area, and even electrical appliances. The restaurant, toilet, and shower are all nearby.

If you are concerned about sleeping in a public park, make sure the drainage pipes are sealed with a safety code. And the best part is you set your own prices.

9. Sleeping with fish

With both China and Dubai building underwater hotels known as hydro poles, diving feels like a wave of the future. China hopes to open its stake in the world-based hydro tower during the Olympics, but if you can’t wait until then, visit the Jules Verne Undersea Lodge.

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They say travel is not just about the destination, it is about travel. But once you get to your destination, it’s time to take things into your own hands, to find that your hotel room is and miles away for every action. The time has come.

The vast majority of hotels keep themselves more than just a place to sleep, which is not the case.

You may have heard of interesting places like the Ice Hotel in Sweden or the Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood, Idaho, but here are some exceptional hotels to fuel your next trip.

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