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Best Apps for the Adventurous Traveller

Best Apps for the Adventurous Traveller

What are the top 5 reasons to go on vacation?

I have loved the holidays since I was a child. Hiking and traveling are always fun to see new places and meet new people, learn about new cultures and understand their different cultures. It always brings joy to my less obvious step in another way. I was reminded of my parents when I said this because I have been associated with beauty, travel-bugs, or travelers since I was very young. I mean … who doesn’t love a holiday ?? Who wouldn’t love to fill their shelf with unique gifts and items from that distant land? We all have different reasons and love to travel. Here you will find 5 great reasons to visit …

1. It will enrich you spiritually

I was born in Calcutta, India (now ‘Kolkata’) and my father kept a record of one year’s wages for his family. Income was very low in those days, but our mom also helped me save some money for a dollar. My father was a religious man, and being a Hindu in India he chose beautiful religious places to choose from: from religious and religious places in the Himalayas to the deserts and beaches of India. To. Its beauty is everywhere, but the Himalayas have always been special to me. Since then, every time I saw a small creature standing in front of the vast Himalayas covered with snow, something moved me. There, when you bend your neck to see the snow-capped peak of the golden sun in the middle of the blue sky, the material values ​​melt in you to free your soul. It frees your inner self from the  within your shallow limits to communicate with the spirit of the universe.

Different people can be heard in different places, perhaps on the shore of a mountain stream, or dipping their feet slowly in sea saltwater. Whether you are watching the sinking it could be in the depths of a tropical rainforest surrounded by animals or descending to a distant mountain at the foot of a green valley. This happens when the sky changes its color from the rainbow after a while or when the camel stream wanders during sunset. Its spiritual aspect is always in the movement of your soul. Travel makes the mind happy!

2. To bring yourself closer to nature

As cities sleep in their glass and mud houses, nature emerges from us every day, watching the slow-moving smoke from the industrial chimneys on the horizon. Or simply put, human civilization has turned away from natural beauty and pleasure, in the same way, that we have moved away from simplicity and embraced the complexity of competition in our daily lives.

When was the last time you saw a snowman or pigeon feeding its baby on the grass? Were you surprised by the thunder when the horizon lit up?

Or does it rain on your face? When did you see the smell of boats floating in the pond or bees flying from flower to flower and pollinating the garden? Isn’t it our job to communicate with nature from time to time and show our next generation exciting life-like activities and enjoy nature away from our tablets and smartphones? I think we will do it completely.

3. It gives you diversity in life.

Give yourself a push, not a push. You are already working hard and, day after day, pushing yourself into the same set of rules, into the same set of values. Bring something different to live. It does not have to be on a completely different continent and does not have to be on a beautiful island. It was a few hundred miles down the highway away from the chaotic and crazy crowds. Keep buzzers away from your own custom sticker rules.

If necessary, sleep until noon, lie down on a grass stool, swim for half a day, or do something you do not do in your normal cycle. Why not spend a day at a parish or local NGO? What is it like to go to a swamp with high heels? Gather for the holidays; Go with your family. They want another; They should also experience the fresh air of the fragrant berries. Let go of your stress and problems and they will go away. Bring in the unknown variety and trust me, life will be better if you come back.

4. It allows you to meet people from different parts of the world

When I met a French man, he was lying on top of our train station, I remember going to Kolkata with a regular train driver. There were differences of opinion between him and some local clergy on the share of rooster seats and neither party understood his opinion.

It was my little French daughter and my French-speaking wife who helped me sort things out, and for the next two hours, my daughter spoke French two years ago. We heard that he went out for a walk and that he came to India from Nepal, probably suffering from his Nepalese love. In Kenya, I met a Masai man who may still have a missionary friend and I supported him on a few occasions. I met a witch in Australia and she became a very popular woman

In America, I met an Irish man who had more Indian friends than most Indians there. In Slovenia, we recently met an Italian winemaker who is familiar with many of us Indian films. In Lubzana, I befriended a ‘gypsy card’ student who guessed one or two things in my ongoing journey. We are all immigrant souls and we must come together and express ourselves. That is us. Measurement