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Budget Travel Stay For Less Than $100 a Night

Budget Travel

Due to the current economic downturn, tourists travel short distances, usually within four hours of leaving their homes. The reason is that traveling long distances can be very expensive. You can exit any budget vacation plan window after adding travel expenses, overnight rates, hidden fees, and meals. However, there is no need to spend arm and leg on this trip. Whether you travel in the state or out of state, there are five premium, discounted resorts, all within $ 100 / night — all with hidden fees and no inconvenience over time.

Los Angeles, California

Within hours outside the city of Mecca in Los Angeles, California, Big Bear hid a small paradise called Lake California… It offers fresh air, plenty of sunshine, mountain scenery, and a wide variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, biking, horseback riding, and golf. The average cost of living in Big Bear is $ 97 per night.

Breckenridge, Colorado may be famous for world-class skiing, but it is also known for its high prices if you do not know where to stay. River Mountain Lodge is the first European-style hotel located in the heart of Breckenridge, near Main Street. You can see shopping, dining, music, skiing, and skiing on your front door stairs. Current offers start at $ 88 per night in hotel rooms and $ 99 per night in condos.

If you’re looking for the true meaning of the word “escape”, Nancy Greens Lodge in Sun Peaks, Canada offers a nearly 4,000-hectare mountainous area with ski-in / ski-out. Daily activities include mountain/cross country skiing, skiing, ice skating, dog skiing, horseback riding, cycling, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Discount studio deals start at $ 68 per night and high-end home and family apartments start at $ 95 per night.

Myrtle Beach is a popular destination for many tourists, but the problem with cheap packages is the congestion of colleges that are attracted to these deals. Market Common Suites in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina take these precautions by prohibiting anyone under the age of 25 from staying at the resort with an adult (25 years of age or older). Nearby activities include good food, trendy shopping, a beach golf course, and 60 miles of white sand beaches. Best of all, current offers start at $ 70 / night per condo.

Laketown Wharf in Panama City, Florida is undoubtedly the best tourist spot on Panama City Beach. With dance waters and organized night lighting, the ghat has become a landmark tourist destination for couples and families. Five different themes (infinity, pond, terrace, island, and kiddie), meditation garden, boardwalk, freshwater lake, and white sand beach, all within walking distance. Offers range from $ 73 per bedroom per night to $ 100 / night for 3 bedrooms.

Chad Rutt is the Marketing Director for Online Accommodation for BetterStay.com, which focuses on discounted rentals for Myrtle Beach vacations.

Tips For Women to Travel Alone

Are you a woman and worried about going it alone? What are you worried about? And security issues?

Now many women travel long distances alone for business or pleasure. Although women are generally considered equal to men, women need to pay close attention to many issues, from security issues to culture. But all of these can be solved with prevention.

For safety reasons as well as budget and amenities, a plan should be drawn up at every step from packing to hotel room selection. The American Society of Travel Agents (ESTA) offers the following tips for women who want to travel alone.

Find out before you go.

Learn more about your destination, especially if you are going abroad. Local religious and cultural beliefs have a direct impact on you and it is necessary to adjust your dress and attire by local customs. For example, ****** harassment is as important in one country as it may be in other countries. To avoid unnecessary attention, you should not loosen or tighten clothing that reflects body parts.

In the hotel

When checking in at the hotel, look for officers who deal frequently with visitors and guide everyone inside and outside the hotel. When you enter the hotel at night ask if a policeman is ready to take you into the room. Request an upstairs room near the elevator but away from emergency departments, stairs, and all kinds of repair work. Never accept a room if the hotel staff or your room number is too large.

While at the desk, take the hotel business card (name, address, and phone number) and store card. When entering the room, make sure the door has a peer-to-peer handle (deadbolt). If not, never open the door to a stranger.

Travel documents

Make two copies of important documents – one is taken from the study, the other to keep at home by friends or family.

Smart packing

Pack as much as you can without getting discouraged and the weight of both positions makes it worth it. Avoid expensive bags or clothes. Lock all suitcases and bags with tags using the office address instead of the home address. Bring enough credit cards and do not keep your money in one place.


Before you leave, find out what transportation is available to your destination, especially if you arrive late at night. A travel agent can often help determine the safest option and make the necessary arrangements. When renting a car, read maps, record routes, and carry a cell phone.

Know your status

Read the map of places you can visit to find your destination, do not look like lost tourists. Ask where or what childcare facilities are available and most importantly, what areas are not allowed.

Zaid Abd Razak is the owner of the Hottipster.com page full of helpful tips