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how to prepare for long term travel 10 points

To prepare for a long journey

Going abroad is an art. It takes ingenuity to plan, courage to act and patience to endure. When planning your dream trip, you need to draw a straight line between high analysis and exciting ignorance (summer in Sudan, anyone?).

There are many factors to consider before booking your trip and especially when deciding where and when to go.

Where to go

Since you dream of working in cubicles and traveling around the world, most people already have a good idea of ​​where they want to go. It is a personal decision and there are beautiful places around the world where you can see and feel. This is an important factor in deciding whether or not to pay your system for your travel budget.

How much land
These numbers take a few things. First, you walk slowly (not more than once every four days). Second, she lives in clean, basic homes. Although it is quite possible to rent a room for $ 3 in Cambodia, most people who are mature enough to run a business want some comfort. We were talking about the bathroom, hot water, shower, towels, bedding and TV … but nothing more.

The prices below are

for two people and include food, room, laundry, toilets, visa and travel (usually local):
Southeast Asia: $ 50
UK and Ireland: $ 100
o Australia and New Zealand: $ 80
South America: $ 55
Africa: $ 60
Western Europe: $ 90
Eastern Europe: $ 65
o Continental India: $ 40
Or Japan: $ 90
As you can see, the price is much higher than what you are currently paying for a home. However, you want your plan to go where it pays for you.

If you visit third world places like Southeast Asia and India you can quickly run away from home and live a better life. Although we have been to the UK many times, my wife and I still live far away in London! There is another compelling reason to go to the Third World: a new perspective.

If you read this you are likely to grow up in western countries. If you board a plane, you will undoubtedly be ready for change and switching from the first to the third world will be as eye-opening as one employee exiting another.
Overall, his stats are very close to my personal experience.

Ways to save money

Here are some tips I learned in working as a travel agent and in personal information. Here are some ways to increase your budget:

Buy tickets at an early or last minute. Many people are complaining that air travel costs are rising when they have to save a bundle that they bought a few  months ago. Here is my rule regarding travel: If you know where you want to go, buy tickets in advance, if you do not know, buy late.

For example, there is currently a last minute special discount of $ 300 from San Francisco to Hungary. Are you planning to visit Hungary? No, but when you get it, you have to take it.

Place in a hut and leave. My wife and I cycled across Ireland without breaking the bank, but we stayed in a high quality bed and breakfast (including the old Irish castle). How did we do this? Simple: Every night in a beautiful place, we camped for two nights.

As soon as we reached our room at night we cleaned up and spent the day cozy. We washed up the next morning and went on the road. By following this process, you will lose a day of bathing …

Change your drinking habits. One of my biggest complaints about budget travel writers is the stupidity of having to give up  in the name of saving money. There are many good ways to save dollars while traveling. The only thing you should avoid is the bar. You can cheaply drink cold  or local air at bottle shops (or weird, 7-11).

I ‘m thinking of buying a Guinness box that costs more than a house in Thailand! True, it was the Irish Publishing House on St. Mary’s Day. Patrick, but come on …

Health: Avoids complications


You should start getting some of your vaccines at least two months before you leave. Most vaccines require three or four visits, separated by two to three weeks. Here is a brief list of common (or highly recommended) destinations in international travel:
Hepatitis A and B. (Achieve a unified goal if possible)
Hey Athena
Yellow fever


Although there is no cure for malaria, there are many anti-malarial pills you can take to fight the disease (although none of them are 100% effective). Consult your doctor to see which prescription is right for you. You can read more at www.malaria.org.

To receive these vaccines, visit your local clinic or talk to your doctor. If you are currently employed, check to see if the terms are included in your benefits. I was able to save more than $ 700 on vaccinations because of the health insurance provided by my former employer. Talk about the Quit Package!

When it comes to diet, I follow a few simple rules:

1. Eat in crowded and expensive restaurants. Maybe that means the food is fresh.
2. Eat cooked food. Try to avoid raw vegetables and raw fish. Safe choice of raw fruits and vegetables. If you do not have enough fruits and vegetables, consider taking a vitamin supplement.
3. Do not overeat. If you fill your face with  food, you will feel worse than eating a small portion. In some countries I only get sick twice, immediately after a three or four-course meal with a high-quality meat grinder.

Of water

Depending on where you are going, you will need to bring a water purification system. I am using  Adventurer UV Purifier. This amazing tool, similar to a screwdriver, is very large. Can be purified using one liter of water per minute.