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Thousands of backpackers pass through Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo, every year. It is worth spending at least 3 days in Maputo before visiting the inland to the traditional backpacker area of ​​Xai-Xai and Tofo.

The history of colonialism in Mozambique has left a colorful and unique legacy in Maputo, where the mix of Portuguese and African cultures gives packers the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural and food experience.

Fatima Place and The Base. Both of these offer bedding, single and double bedrooms at reasonable prices. Fatima’s place is usually busy and has a lot of noise than Bass, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The lodges at The Base are cleaner and more comfortable than Fatima Place, and the base area is very central as it is close to the bus stops used by the mainline of buses transporting passengers to and from Nelspruit and Johannesburg. Is.

most popular tourist attraction

The most popular tourist attraction in Maputo is the fish market in Costa do Sol. It is easy to get to the fish market using Chapa or one of the local taxis. The fish market sells freshly caught fish, and when you enter, you are greeted by a marine sanctuary.

As you pass through the fish market, one can see live clams in large buckets, endless piles of prawns, giant lobsters and crayfish, and a host of local fish species. Fish and other seafood are sold by weight, and customers are expected to negotiate prices. Shopkeepers will often cite rising prices, which they are willing to reduce by negotiation.

In the area around the fish market, there are various restaurants where retailers can sit and eat seafood purchased at the fish market. The restaurants are clean, spicy, cooked, and serve seafood to their customers. Buying fresh seafood on the market and enjoying it as quickly as delicious food is a memorable one.

Mozambique is known as a producer of cashews, and tourists visiting Maputo can buy freshly roasted cashews, as well as green cashews sold per kilogram. Cash is also used in the production of South African alcohol, Cajo, which should not be consumed by the missing as it is considered to be very potent.

Maputo has two large passenger

with few live music venues in the south and east of the city. There are also several popular nightclubs, the most famous of which are Coconut and Navaw, both visited by locals and travelers alike.

Catembe Island, a small island located in the waters off Maputo’s harbor, is also a popular tourist attraction. There is a ferry that takes passengers between the port and the island, and the journey takes about 20 minutes. Visitors can explore the island, enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, and drink the local at one of the many bars on the island.

Maputo is a city with a rich cultural heritage. Packers who use Maputo as their entry point to Mozambique should spend a few days exploring the area and enjoying everything the city has to offer.

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Leather Backpacks – Ins and Outs

In ancient times our civilization did not develop synthetic fabrics as we do today. Leather was an important item at that time and was used to make clothes, bags, belts, and the like. Among them, the leather backpacks were stronger than the other fabrics used. To this day it is regarded as hard work and material for tears.

Leather is a fashionable and versatile activity to make a backpack for a camping enthusiast, hunter, or hobbyist.b There are some advantages and disadvantages to leather backpacks compared to other items:


Leather bags show a low level of quality if they are badly damaged and untreated to resist water damage. It shrinks when wet. However, all of these inaccuracies can be overcome with strict quality control and proper use of the latest technology.


The main advantage of using the skin is its firmness. Leather is widely used in various products because of its durability.

types of backpacks

Apparently, there are both standard sizes of leather bags and custom sizes on the market. Small-sized backpacks are useful for carrying lunch, keys, cell phones, wallets, checkbooks, etc., while large leather backpacks cannot hold these small items in a zipper or button-built bag.

Leather backpacks are designed for men and women each with style preferences in mind. They can be soft or firm skin, with small parts for a variety of uses. Skin is a favorite of many people and some are as follows college leather backpacks
The most common type and the backpack used most among the masses.

children’s leather backpacks

Who doesn’t remember when we turned our backs to go to school? After college backpacks, these types of backpacks are the most widely used.


Camping backpacks are probably the most common type of backpack. There is a deluxe backpack with a weight-measuring system and suspension loaded in the spring. It is used when you are away for a long weekend away from home and want to carry all your camping gear on your back.

pedestrian backpacks

Mountaineering is a thrilling activity for the new generation and requires the right equipment. For example, if you are miles away from civilization on a mountain road, your gear, food, water, and everything else you need to keep yourself alive. So, you need it.

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