5 Ways to While Backpacking

There are many reasons to pack a suitcase

– everyone has their own idea of ​​why they want to carry the pack on their shoulders and go abroad for a few weeks or months. For some, it’s the cheapest way to travel or to see the world. Some people like the entertainment that comes from taking a break from their normal daily lives for a while.

Anyone can wear a backpack, but for many of us, it may seem scary at first. It’s natural to feel a little scared when you think about being attacked in another country – after all, people have different habits and speak a different language, you need to figure out what to do. Learn to turn around, find food and shelter, and keep yourself safe and healthy. The important thing is to gradually introduce yourself by learning and practicing – no one is coming from another country for the first time and getting instant relief. When you read a backpack, dressing appropriately gives you confidence that you know what to do. Here are some suggestions:

 1 – Educate yourself

Read this before visiting the country. Learn a little about language and people, how they live and how they treat the American people. Check government websites for travel alerts and overviews of any country in the world. Talk to people who pack a backpack or travel a lot and ask them for advice about the challenges you face. Read Packaging Tourism Magazine to see what they found.

Take a first aid and/or CPR course. Find out what the health risks are in the country you want to visit. Learn how to keep your valuables safe on the go and what to do if they are stolen or lost.

 2 – Practice

If you do not know the directions or are panicking with unknown places, go anywhere without a map (or to be safe, keep the map in your pocket and do not look at it unless you are frustrated) Start walking (Dawn do not drive alone) and meet the people you meet, what to do there and where Ask a few questions about directions – it doesn’t matter. Is required. Follow the instructions until you find the place where they are talking. Spend the afternoon exploring the area and meeting the locals. You may encounter this situation if you pack your bags – why not see how you are doing in your country?

Also, consider ways to speak the language of the country

you want to visit. If there’s one thing that makes your packing trip easier, it’s the ability to connect with locals. A few basic phrases will usually suffice, but only then can you improve your speech. It’s hard to travel without the help of locals – you have to order food, ask for a hotel room, ask for directions, ask for transportation, and more.

To prepare yourself for an uncomfortable situation, do something scary as often as possible – start small and do * Try things like a sudden shout in the middle so everyone can see you.

Try a new activity that you know will not be as successful as playing golf in the harsh environment where most talented players go. Learn to laugh when you make mistakes, even when people are not looking at you or expecting you to meet your needs.

As a foreigner, you stand; Learn to be comfortable with him. Chances are, you can sometimes feel ****** when packing a backpack, which is the best and probably the only way to learn. Be aware of this – no matter what mistakes you make, the backpack will get something worse and eventually look than you. Learn to overcome your mistakes and do better in the future. The fact that you are ready to face your fears and anxieties when you achieve goals requires respect.

 3 – Do not do it alone

Find a good friend who is interested in packing and doing things together. Nothing boosts your confidence that there will always be someone you can trust.

 4 – Be excited and hopeful

Have you ever dreamed of going anywhere? Maybe the Taj Mahal, Paris, the Great Barrier Reef, or the Andes Mountains? Even if the dream place is yours, this is your chance to go there and make that dream come true. Let your enthusiasm inspire you and make sure you learn to pack up and reach that dream destination even if any fears or doubts hold you back. People from all walks of life – backpackers – high school students, retirees, married people, single mothers – are all looking to let go of their doubts and fears and experience all the good things that backpacking has to offer. You can too.

 5 – Casual

If you take the time to study and practice, you will succeed in backpacking. It’s not always easy, but one of the main reasons to do this is to challenge yourself. Stay calm, face challenges one by one, and no need to worry.

Read other books such as Vagabonding: An Extraordinary Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts. See also his blog for general news and tips on packing a backpack.

2. For more information about travel alerts and overseas, visit travel.state.gov. Go

3. Visit CDC.gov for medical information and health risks abroad

4. Go to Meetingup.com and look for groups of people of the same type to practice speaking the language together.

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